In the multibillion-dollar global medical cannabis markets, there is a noticeable lack of regulatory approved medical cannabis products beyond it’s basic leaf form. The regulatory process to approve cannabis products is slow and inefficient, and it takes substantial time to generate data for product approvals through clinical studies. With over forty two (42) governments globally moving forward with the legalization of medical cannabis, there is a need and an opportunity to fill the medical cannabis data void using advanced technology.

We present the GCAC’s Citizen Green Technology Platform. Our leading-edge data platform pre-qualifies candidates for clinical studies and adds to the streamlining of the approval process.

The Citizen Green platform is the world’s first end-to-end – from seed to sale to patient to regulator – medical cannabis data solution. It uses 6 core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, Reg Tech, smart databases, blockchain and digital reward tokens, all designed to speed the process of quality data and provide better qualified candidates for clinical studies.

As our community grows and the database builds, the platform gathers ‘deep learnings’ from all Data points and becomes more efficient with the prospect of delivering premium data to the industry, and prequalified applicants for clinical studies.