Jane King of New to the Street interviews Brad Moore 04/20 2021

GCAC CEO Brad Moore sits down with Jane King on New to the Street to discuss the company’s most recent announcements around its Efixii Citizen Green technology, which brings consistency and transparency to the medical cannabis industry. GCAC has engaged @AbbeyTechnology to launch a digital marketing campaign for the Efixii Product QR Codes utilizing a Uniswap token [ETH] on the Ethereum blockchain with GCAC branding. The token, GCAC Ethereum #ERC20, was created by Abbey, and is the first token on Uniswap dedicated to the cannabis industry using Ethereum blockchain. The campaign is targeted to expand reach against medical cannabis consumers within the Uniswap community – people who trade cryptocurrency and use cannabis products. GCAC will invest 1% of the value of their quarterly revenue into the GCAC token, swapping currency on Uniswap to buy GCAC tokens.