GCAC is proud to announce the release of the White Paper on ‘A Global Community for Medicinal Cannabis Users, Researchers and Practitioners’. The purpose of this White Paper is to define the path required to create a global dataset that identifies the best medical cannabis products by efficacy for a particular ailment.Citizen Green Community

The Medical Cannabis Paradox

Cannabis has been well known for centuries for its medical benefits, including pain management, seizure remediation, managing muscle spasms and a range of others. However, over the past century, cannabis has been a proscribed substance and treated as a law-enforcement challenge.
As a result, there is a lack of well-researched medical data as well as an absence of anecdotal user information. As little as 6% of cannabis research has focused on the benefits, and it has historically been very difficult to get approval for properly controlled cannabis studies.
Doctors and other practitioners don’t have trusted information on which to base clinical decisions, and regulators lack long-term information. All of these factors have led to significant under-prescription of medical cannabis and a large, unfilled demand for quality research, new product delivery and consumer information on its uses and effects.

CitizenGreen Solution

The Citizen Green Community

The White Paper outlines the Citizen Green platform. Based on cutting-edge technologies, the goal of this platform is to motivate patients, practitioners, scientists, cultivators and manufacturers to contribute and share their knowledge and experience with medical cannabis, to build trust and confidence in it.
GCAC will provide the global medical cannabis community with access to this wealth of trustworthy knowledge, incorporating anecdotal consumer experience and scientific, medical and product data. This information will have great value for consumers, caregivers and researchers, as well as regulators and members of other industries (e.g., healthcare or cosmetics).

From an implementation perspective, the platform is enabled by the integration of the following technologies:

  • Mobile Apps

    Prescriptii and Cannalife provide product knowledge and education on all things medical cannabis. These apps enable medical cannabis user’s anecdotal inputs to be analyzed for validation in CannaCube.

  • Database

    CannaCube are multi-dimensional and levels databases that facilitate and curates gold standard medical cannabis clinical study data against anecdotal user-driven inputs. with world-class data encryption and storage

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Proprietary AI technologies include a medical cannabis chatbot and modeling algorithm that validates medical product efficacy from multiple inputs.

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain technologies enable secure, encrypted information storage, exchange and traceability of AI data transactions. These data transactions are the nucleus of GCAC’s crypto-currency.

  • Cryptocurrency

    The Citizen Green Token is an inseparable part of the information economy. Its functionally includes: access rights to analyzed data, discounts on the platform fees, rewarding active data contributors (users and corporations) and discounts on the purchase of medicinal cannabis products.

GCAC White Paper
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