Dear Shareholder,

Welcome to the dawning of a new era as Canada becomes the second country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis. The number of cannabis friendly jurisdictions around the world is growing and because we have developed Citizen Green Community to be international in scale, we are well prepared to rollout our technology in all jurisdictions. 

We developed the Citizen Green Community (current user base of 500,000)to improve patient outcomes and grow medical cannabis businesses using data insights created through advanced technologies. The Community is built on a robust end-to-end data system which collects and analyzes medical cannabis data and information from a wide spectrum of sources (user generated, retail, scientific, industry and many more), in a safe and trusted blockchain environment. Participants are rewarded for completing profile information and sharing of experiences, while retailers can gain access to valuable information to grow their businesses and improve their relationships with their customers.

By collecting, processing and sharing data we are resolving critical issues currently plaguing the medical cannabis industry:

• the lack of clinical studies due to historic restriction,
• the lack of understanding of product efficacy and side effects,
• a negative perception of medical cannabis,
• existing regulatory hurdles in friendly and non-friendly jurisdictions.
With minimal barriers to entry, retail dispensaries are searching for any advantage over competing dispensaries to keep existing customersincrease spend and attract new customers.
We believe Citizen Green is a relevant solution for customer attraction and retention.

How does it all work?

The Citizen Green Community includes three main components:
  • Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution – an integrated retail and patient solution.

  • The Citizen Green Onward Rewards – a loyalty program powered by the Citizen Green Coin (CGC) cryptocurrency.

  • Citizen Green MarketPlace- a global marketplace for medical cannabis businesses to buy & sell medical cannabis data driven business and market intelligence insights using the CGC

By the end of the year we expect our machine language database to grow to one of the largest repositories of medical cannabis data insights in the world. As member experiences are captured, machine learning and artificial intelligence produce insights which can then be used by the retailer to improve their patient care relationship.

The Citizen Green MarketPlace is where retailers can use CGCs for products and services. The CGC is a true utility cryptocurrency that uses a stable price model and is only available to registered Community members. Pricing has been set at $0.10 per coin and will be maintained by GCAC to keep our crypto-speculators from overinflating the value of the coin and destabilizing the value of data products for sale in the MarketPlace.

We will continue work to expand the use of CGCs as we bring on new partners, additional retailers, licensed producers, product producers, educators and others.
Why is it good for GCAC?
While the Citizen Green Community is free for individual members, retailers must pay a system access fee to unlock the value of the Prescriptii Patient Care Solution and Citizen Green Onward Rewards. To this end, and because each retailer is unique and has different needs, Citizen Green offers different levels of participation. Only registered Citizen Green Community medical cannabis businesses can do business on the Citizen Green MarketPlace which is powered by our proprietary blockchain technology.
Last month, we announced our intention to rollout the Citizen Green Community in the state of California. We chose California because it has a population of 39 million, it is one of the fastest growing cannabis markets in North America, and it is expected to have over 5,000 retail cannabis locations by the end of 2018.
Earlier this month, we signed a letter of intent with Cannact LLC of Sacramento to integrate the Citizen Green patient-care solution onto its online distribution platform with potential integration for related cannabis retailer partners. As this is our first retail customer, Cannact will initially act as a beta site. We expect Cannact to become our first revenue generating medical cannabis retailer and expect many more retailers to sign up.
As always, we appreciate your continued trust and support on our journey to create the “compendium of medical cannabis” and look forward to working together in the coming months to ensure the continued success of GCAC.

Best Regards,

Brad Moore
Global Cannabis Applications Corporation