GCAC at Oslo

GCAC presents the Citizen Green Platform at Oslo Innovation Week

GCAC, represented by Anastasija Plotnikova – Head of European Operations, has participated in the Oslo Innovation Week. At OIW, startups and entrepreneurs with a global potential meet experienced investors and corporates. It’s where scientists working on cutting-edge technologies meet experts from around the world to learn from each other and create productive collaborations. Among fields and subjects covered in the OIW were health, smart cities, education, fintech, blockchain, and AI.

GCAC had the pleasure of presenting and discussing the Citizen Green Platform, and the cutting-edge approach we are taking on tackling existing issues in medical cannabis. We place patient outcomes globally at the highest importance, and aim to further the development of the industry to support that drive.

Amongst the attendees of the Citizen Green presentation were regulators and entrepreneurs in the medical cannabis industry. In the discussion that followed, Anastasija explained how Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies are being utilized to further progress in cannabis health sciences. The Citizen Green solution was discussed with a view on Sustainable Development Goals as well, as the technical and logical solution is scalable across any data-based medical industry.

We were proud to announce the opening of pre-registration to the Citizen Green Platform for medical cannabis retailers. The innovative stable coin model is going to greatly benefit customers across the globe.

GCAC has developed a fully operational set of business solutions for retail customers. Based on the AI algorithm’s premium model, customers will have continuous access to valuable market data and anonymous usage information. The reports, extensive analysis of requested market criteria, and recommendations, are already available for Premium customers. These are some of the features and benefits B2B customers enjoy when joining the Citizen Green Platform:

  • Provision of the best possible service to customers
  • Increase in knowledge and understanding of treatment options
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in customer spend
  • Decrease in operational costs
  • Maximised ROI on marketing
  • Streamlined inventory management

Our Freemium model customers will be able to access the Platform too, thus ensuring better patient outcomes and services.

The revenue model is based on the paid subscription fees from retail customers globally. Our market analysis has shown that the demand for sophisticated data is massive and we are ready to satisfy it with a world class solution.

Citizen Green Coin (CGC) will be used as an incentivization mechanism for data provision, and as a transactional instrument for Citizen Green community members (companies and individuals) in the global CG Marketplace. We are working hard to ensure the coin model is compatible across all of the relevant business jurisdictions. Our advanced blockchain build allows us to be flexible, while still maintaining the security and integrity of the system.

The Citizen Green Marketplace for medical cannabis data, products, and services will ensure that the medical cannabis community can exchange value, information, and the best possible insights directly with each other in a safe and protected environment. All of the payments are blockchain-based.

The response to the presentation – including discussions and follow up questions – was very positive because Citizen Green is a unique solution, extracting patient- and user-generated data to bridge the knowledge gap and deliver actionable insights to patients and dispensaries. Attendees were excited not only by the potential to revolutionize the medical cannabis industry itself, but to consider the potential for a broad range of patient data-driven medical solutions.

We are looking forward to continuing to onboard our customers and ensure that our Citizen Green data solution facilitates global knowledge sharing among patients, doctors, retailers, and regulators.